Joint Cooperation Committee

The Joint Co-operation Committee (JCC)

The Joint Co-operation Committee (JCC) is the strategic body of the NP. With members from both countries and from national, regional and local level the JCC will ensure a joint management of the programme and thus ensure a policy and financial overview of the operation of the NP.

The main responsibilities of the JCC are:

  • To adopt the JPD and any further adjustment of it, as appropriate
  • To adopt the project fiches to be put forward for the yearly programming exercise;
  • To consider and approve the annual and final implementation reports before they are sent to the Commission;
  • To approve the framework for the Joint Technical Secretariat’s tasks;
The JCC consists of:
  • representatives of national, regional and local authorities;
  • representatives from civil society, NGOs Sectoral organisations – e.g. Chamber of Commerce, Unions, etc., participating in an advisory capacity.
  • an appropriate representation of the European Commission, participating in an advisory capacity.

The JCC is co-chaired by the Romanian Implementing Authority and the Ukrainian National Coordination Unit. The JCC meets 1-2 times a year in order to monitor the implementation of the programme and to approve project fiches and Financing Proposals.

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Neighbourhood Programmes Romania-Ukraine and CADSES are funded by the European Union
Updated 11.06.2009