1. Is it necessary for a Lead Partner to fill in the Partnership Statement?

Answer: yes it is necessary for a Lead Partner and all other partners to to sign the Partnership Statements and to enclose them with the Application form.

   2. Will the project preparation costs be reimbursed (preliminary researches, meetings with possible partners etc.)?

Answer: No, such costs will not be reimbursed.

   3. Is it possible to include costs for rehabilitation of facilities within the project?

Answer: Yes, costs for rehabilitation of administartive facilities could be financed within the projects. In spite of the fact that rules of this Call for Proposals do not regulate it's amount they have to be reasonable and justified. It is also necessary 
to consider that the costs related to the purchases of land or buildings are ineligible (except where necessary for the direct implementation of the action, in which case ownership must be transferred to the final beneficiaries and/or local partners, at the latest by the end of the action).

   4. How to make provisions in the budget cosidering rise in prices for services and procurement?

Answer: During the budget development it is possible to include prospective rate of inflation (usually 5%). But it is necessary to consider that costs have to be reasonable, justified and comply with the requirements of sound financial management, in particular regarding economy and efficiency.

   5. Could the budget of the project be higher than it is mentioned in the size of grant for priorities table in the Guidelines?

Answer: Yes, the budget could be much higher as in the Guidelines mentioned maxima for grant (financihg from the EU). The
applicant can attract additional financing to contribute the difference between the project costs and the grant. But it is necessary to remember that the implementation period of the project must not exceed 24 months and actions 
within the project should all be finished before 30 December 2010.

   6. Can the applicant prepare and submit more that one proposal for financing within the Romania-Ukraine Programme?

Answer: Yes, applicant can prepare and submit more than one proposal (but not more that one for each measure). Where an applicant sends several different proposals, each one has to be sent separately. But only one submitted project will be approved for financing.

   7. What costs are eligible concerning the participation of the romanian partners within the TACIS funds?

Answer: Eligible costs are as follows: per diems, transport costs, salaries for romanian experts. It is necessary to remember that no activity on the romanian site of the border can be financed from Tacis budget (financial instrument for the ukrainian partners).

   8. Is it possible to conduct market researches within the project?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to conduct market researches, sectoral and regional studies, environmental impact studies, feasibility studies, researches on common cultural heritage etc.

   9. Is it implied that during the project implementation applicant spents it's own money which will than be reimbursed from EU funds?

Answer: No, EU will fund the project implementation from the very beginning and yearly applicant should prepare and submit to the Delegation of European
Commission financial report (together with the audit report) concerning it's use. 

  10. Is it necessary to write in details applicant's financial contribution (co-financing) in the budget for the Action?

Answer: It is separate form in the budget table (ANNEX B - Budget for the Action) in which applicanf should mention only source, amount and percentage of contribution. No additional information should be added to the budget.

   11. Is it possible to buy non EU and non Ukrainian equipment for the purposes of the project?

Answer:Yes, it is possible but only if applicant can prove that the equipment necessary for the implementation of the project is not producing on the territory of Ukraine or EU and cannot be changed with UA or EU one (with prior written approval from the Commission).

   12. Could the religious and political organisations apply for grant or take part in the realization of the projects within the Neighbourhood Programme Romania-Ukraine?

Answer: No, religious and political organisationa are not eligible applicant within the Neighbourhood Programme Romania-Ukraine and they could not take part in the realization of the projects.

   13. What should be included in an electronic version (on floppy disc or CD-ROM) of the proposal?

Answer: The electronic format must contain exactly the same proposal as the paper version enclosed. Each component of the application (concept note, application form, budget and logical framework) must be submitted in a separate and unique electronic file so there will be four separate files. Please note that application would not be rejected in case if concept note will be submitted in the same file with full
application form.

   14. Can private car be used for project purposes (instead of renting or buying) and how can this be mentioned in the budget?

Answer: Private car can be used but it cannot be part of the budget. However the maintenance of the private car and petrol costs can be part of the budget.

   15. How are per diems paid if an expert is on business trip for one day only? And he spends both nights in the train (for instance going from Frankivsk to Kyiv)? If his business trip is two days and only one of them he spends in the train?

Answer: if the trip is no longer than 8 hours and not further than 200 km per diems to expert is not paid . If both nights in the train than per diem are paid in accordance with the budget.

   16. For what financial year the audit and financial reports should be produced and submitted?

Answer:  For the last available.

   17. Which application form should be used for the integrated project: Phare or Tacis?

Answer: For the integrated projects it is up to the applicant which application form to use. But you should remember that each such application form should be accompanied by two budgets - one (for actions on the territory of Ukraine) in Tacis format and the other (for actions on the territory of Romania) in Phare format.

   18. Is it necessary for state educational institution to prepare financial and audit reports for the last available year?

Answer: If the institution is financed from the state budget and does not have it's own bank account it is not necessary to prepare such reports. The same applies to other state institutions (e.g. public body).

   19. We saw that Phare budget includes "Works" section, and Tacis does not. Is it a mistake?

Answer: No, it is not. Works expenditures should be mentioned in "Other" section in the Tacis budget.

   20. Is it allowed to include expenses for renting conference hall in Romania for the seminar in the budget?

Answer: Expenditures on organising the events on the territory of Romania (rent of conference hall, equipment, coffe-brakes etc.) are eligible. At the same time it is necessary to remember that such events could be held only on the territory of eligible Romanian counties and expenses must be in line with the Procurement rules that can be found here.

   21. Is it obligatory to register in PADOR system (section III of the application form)?

Answer: No, it is not obligatory.

   22. What maximum amount from the budget could be used for sub-contracting or investment?

 Answer: It is not identified in the Guidelines. At the same time it is necessary to consider that: a) lead partner should be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with it's partners (not sub-contractors) and b) in accordance with the Guidelines actions dealing only or mainly with the organisation of one-time or one-type events (workshops, seminars, festivals, conferences) are ineligeble.

   23. Point 2 of the section 2.4. of the Guidelines reads that an external audit report should be provided as one of the supporting documents. We are a public institution, should we provide such a report?

Answer: No, public institutions should not provide external audit report if their activities are financed 100% from the state budget.

   24. In table 3.3.2. of the section II of the application form the sources of financing of the organisation should be mentioned. As we are public body what point should we fill in? We also received humanitarian aid from the Danish governement. Should we mention it and where?

Answer: Public bodies should mention the percent of their budget that forms from the state budget in section "Third Countries Public Bodies". If humanitarian aid were included to your balance it should also be mentioned (in case of Danish governement in section "Member States Public Bodies" and indicate what percent  of your organisation budget it forms). Please, do not forget that the sum of all sections should be equal to 100%.

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