Project ideas

On this page you will find ideas for the projects that various organisations would be interested to implement in the framework of the Neighbourhood Programme Romania - Ukraine. If you are interested in any of them and would like to cooperate - please contact the relevant organisation. Please review the Ukrainian version of this page - you might find some project ideas which are not placed here.

In order to place your project idea here please send it to


The Carpathian network for bicycle tourism (download - 75 KB)

Carpathian Village - tourism (download - 94 KB)

Regional Information Analysis Center of Environmental Monitoring (download - 104 KB)

Ukrainian-Romanian network against discrimination and social exclusion (download - 93 KB)

Trans-border tourism (download - 77 KB)

Science & Construction Works Connected with Separation of the Ship Harmful Substances (download - 53 KB)

Project on support to the handicapped (download - 47 KB)

Project ideas from the Chernivtsi National University on Enhancement of the Membrane Tehnology of Waste Water Treatment and Technology of Lowering of Wastes of Oxides of Nitrogen and Sulphur at Incineration of High Ashen Coal and Coal Refining Wastes (download - 53 KB)

Living in one Maramoros, both sides of the border (download - 186 KB)

Project ideas from Zastavna regional council, Chernivetska oblast (download - 96 KB)

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