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Improving Cross-Border Cooperation in Integrated Management of Water Resources in the Lower Danube Euroregion

Lead Partner Institution Odessa Regional Water Management Department (ORWMD)
Country, Region
Ukraine (Odessa Region)


Short description of the Project

The overall objective of the project is to build capacities for introducing an integrated approach to the management of water resources through improvement of cooperation, collaboration, coordination and communication between stakeholders to achieve sustainable development and better quality of life in border areas of Ukraine and Romania focusing on the Lower Danube EuroRegion.

Expected results

  • Mobile hydro-measuring laboratory;
  • 3 automatic hydrological stations;
  • Server for joint hydro-meteorological data base;
  • Joint water monitoring work group;
  • Integrated Water Management Plan for the Ukrainian part of the Danube Region;
  • Report on the current state of the system of hydro-meteorological monitoring in the Lower Danube;
  • Water Communication Strategy;
  • Concept of the creation and activities of a Department for Integrated River Basin Management in Odessa Oblast;
  • Scheme of transboundary communication and cooperation to respond to emergency situations and extreme events in the Lower Danube EuroRegion;
  • Series of short films dedicated to wise use of water resources;
  • GIS and GIS-based thematic maps;


Estimated total cost

538.955 €

EU contribution

475.955 €

Estimated project duration
(in months)


Partners involved

Tulcea County Council (Tulcea county, Romania); Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority (Tulcea county, Romania); The Dniester - Prut Water Resources Basin Management (Ukraine); Danube Hydrometeorological Observatory (Odessa Region, Ukraine); Centre for Regional Studies (Odessa Region, Ukraine); Odessa Regional Council (associate partner, Odessa Region, Ukraine); The Communal Organization «Agency for Cross-border Cooperation «The Lower Danube Euroregion» (associate partner, Odessa Region, Ukraine); The Romanian Waters National Administration – Dobrogea-seaside Water Directorate – Tulcea Water Management System (Tulcea county, Romania); World Wide Fund for Nature International, the Danube-Carpathian Programme (Ukraine).

Call for proposals



Odessa Regional Water Management Department (ORWMD)

13 Gaidar str. Odessa

65078 Ukraine

Tel/ fax: +380-48-7669087



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