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Cross Border Cooperation in Investment development of Rural Regions

Lead Partner Institution Bukovina Center for development and reconstruction, BCDR
Country, Region Ukraine (Chernivtsi Region)


Short description of the Project

Overall  objective of the project is to increase quantity and quality of financial services given by the respective financial institutions in Chernivtsi Region (Ukraine). The realization of the projects will create a solid ground for a considerable increase in the regional investment potential by developing a network of local credit cooperation and by creating a mechanism of sound economic and financial motivation which will enhance financial participation of individuals in the programs of regional development. Also, realization of the project will create equal opportunities for farmers and representatives of small and medium business to access and manage financial resources.

Expected results

  • Individuals and households will receive effective tools for satisfying suspended consumer needs, saving and augmenting their available assets;
  • Farmers, small and medium-scale businesses will receive access to investment resources, which will increase their profit;
  • Municipal (regional) administrations will receive instruments of attracting capital and its effective allocation;
  • Implementation of the project will create financial conditions for considerable economic development of rural regions.

Estimated total cost

738.574 €

EU contribution

653.343 €

Estimated project duration
(in months)


Partners involved

Central administrative board of agroindustrial development (Chernivtsi Region, Ukraine); Suceava Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Suceava county, Romania); Chernivtsi Regional State Administration (Chernivtsi Region, Ukraine); Credit Union "Nashi Lyudy" (Chernivtsi Region, Ukraine)

Call for proposals



Bukovina Center for development and reconstruction,

23 Steinbarg Street,

58000 Chernivtsi, Ukraine

Tel/ fax: +380-372-520085



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