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Bucovina Innovation Center

Lead Partner Institution Bukovyna State Finance Academy
Country, Region Ukraine (Chernivtsi Region)


Short description of the Project

The Bucovina Innovation Centre (BIC) project aims to improve the capability of the Bucovina region to absorb investments and improve the application of technological knowledge from Bucovina knowledge institutes by existing Small and Medium Sized enterprises and by new start-up companies in the cross-border region.

Expected results

  • New business plans of SMEs based upon new technologies originating from Bucovina knowledge institutes;
  • New entrepreneurs and start-up companies with a good cross-border integration perspective trained;
  • Partnering events, investor meetings and exhibitions in which companies and researchers meet to define common interests in the cross-border region between Chernivtsi and Suceava;
  • SMEs and start-up companies adapted new technologies from the university and research centres for their new business developments;
  • New entrepreneurs and start-up companies with a good cross-border integration perspective incubated;
  • Fully operational web-site on the Bucovina Innovation Centre with on-line tooling
  • Common training for cross-border originated consultants, stimulating the exchange of experiences.

Estimated total cost

820.840 €

EU contribution

738.756 €

Estimated project duration
(in months)


Partners involved

Chernivtsi regional organization “Science society of Young Scientists and Students” (Chernivtsi Region, Ukraine); “Stefan cel Mare” University of Suceava (USV) (Suceava cjunty, Romania); Chernivtsi Regional State Administration (Chernivtsi Region, Ukraine); Chernivtsi National University (Chernivtsi Region, Ukraine), Institute of Thermoelectricity (Chernivtsi Region, Ukraine)

Call for proposals



Bukovyna State Finance Academy,

1, Shtern str., Chernivtsi 58000, Ukraine

Tel. +380-372-521926

Fax: +380-372-553826



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