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Creation of integrative tourist product for development of cultural tourism of Bukovyna

Lead Partner Institution National Historic Architecture Reserve of Khotyn Fortress
Country, Region Ukraine (Chernivtsi Region)


Short description of the Project

Overall objective of this project consists in implementing of certain number of activities, during 24 months, directed to save the ancestors’ heritage, develop infrastructure and increase tourist’s attraction of the Khotyn fortress. The realization of the project will increase knowledge and understanding of European history by local inhabitants and explain their place in it, will promote development of regional economics and enterprise, create new vacancies.


Expected results

  • Expanding the offers of tourism sector with a cross-border perspective;
  • Positioning of the region at the tourism market of Ukraine and Europe;
  • Increasing of tourists attraction of the Khotyn;
  • Intensifying cross border entrepreneurial and institutional co-operation in the tourism area;
  • Individuals and households will receive an ability to develop rural green tourism;
  • Small - and medium businesses will receive an opportunity to sale their goods and services for tourists;
  • Increasing of the investment attractiveness of the region.


Estimated total cost

701.651 €

EU contribution

631.486 €

Estimated project duration
(in months)


Partners involved

Tourism department of Chernivtsi Regional State Administration (Chernivtsi Region, Ukraine); Khotyn District Council (Chernivtsi Region, Ukraine); Khotyn Town Council (Chernivtsi Region, Ukraine); Khotyn District Community Organization “Center of Eurointegration” (Chernivtsi Region, Ukraine); Bukovyna Center for Development and Reconstruction (Chernivtsi Region, Ukraine); Suceava Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Suceava county, Romania).

Call for proposals



National Historic Architecture

Reserve of Khotyn Fortress

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Chernivtsi region, Ukraine

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