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Flood protection improvement and environmental sanitation on the Ukrainian-Romanian Tysa river border

Lead Partner Institution Transcarpathian Industrial Administration of Melioration and Water Management (TIAMWM)

Country, Region Ukraine (Zakarpattya Region)

Short description of the Project

Promote decrease of flood negative impact and anthropogenic pressure on environment on the Ukrainian-Romanian border territory.

Expected results

Improved transboundary cooperation between partners in the Tysa river basin;
• Developed Complex Scheme of Tysa river stabilization and regulation at UA-RO border;
• Improved Flood information system on target territory;
• Provided EU WFD ecological status assessment, established water quality monitoring network;
• Population Information improved and public involved in the flood protection on the target territory;
• Developed working projects on two settlements flood defense on Tysa river sections.

Estimated total cost

891.936 €

EU contribution

802.742 €

Estimated project duration (in months)


Partners involved

Maramures County Council (Maramures county, Romania); Tiachiv Rayon State Administration (Zakarpattya Region, Ukraine); Tiachiv Inerrayon Water Management Administration (Zakarpattya Region, Ukraine); Carpathian Biosphere Reserve (Zakarpattya Region, Ukraine); Zakarpattia Regional Centre for Social, Economic and Humanitarian Researches (Zakarpattya Region, Ukraine); “Apele Romane” National Administration, Somes-Tisa Waters Directorate, Waters Management System of Maramures County (Associate partner, Maramures county, Romania); State enterprise “Joint Directory of water management objects construction in Zakarpattia oblast” (Associate partner, Zakarpattya Region, Ukraine). 

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