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Cross-Border Partnership for Sustainable Community Development

Lead Partner Institution Small business and innovation development association "Uzhgorod-XXI-st century"
Country, Region Ukraine (Zakarpattya Region)


Overall objective of the Project

The overall objective is to encourage CBC relations on both sides of the border for the purpose of achieving balanced, coherent and sustainable development of local communities in the Romanian and Ukrainian cross-border region.


Expected results

1.      Efficient functioning cross-border co-operation network consisting of the existing telecottages in Romania and resource centres established in Ukraine;

2.      Human potential trained and skilled, namely:

  • staff for the resource centres recruited and trained in Ukraine;
  • local and district authorities (delegates, mayors) are familiar and trained in the aspects of sustainable development of local communities, cross-border co-operation (based on the experience of Romania); and,
  • NGO leaders and managers are familiar, trained and can apply new mechanisms and forms of business and social cross-border co-operation.

3.      Three efficient channels of information exchange and dissemination arranged and function, they are as follows:

  • publishing and dissemination of printed information;
  • publishing and dissemination of electronic information; and,
  • people-to-people channels.

Estimated total cost

257.158 €

EU contribution

231.442 €

Estimated project duration
(in months)


Partners involved

Zakarpattya Regional Office of the Association of Ukrainian Cities (ZRO AUC); Crest Resource Center (Satu Mare county, Romania); International Association of Regional Development Institutions “IARDI” (Zakarpattya Region, Ukraine).

Call for proposals



"Uzhgorod-XXI-st century",

18 Voloshyna str, 88000,

Uzhgorod, Ukraine

Tel/ fax: + 380-312-616475



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