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Joint Steering Committee

Joint Steering Committee (JSC)
The JSC is the operational body of the NP. Its main role is to draft the project fiches (bottom-up approach) and to oversee the project selection process and the projects' implementation.

The main responsibilities of the JSC are, inter alia:
  • To prepare the project fiches and the Financing Proposals for the yearly programming exercise, to be forwarded to the JCC for adoption;
  • To oversee the calls for proposals/ Application Pack (drafted by the JTS), to be forwarded to respective Contracting Authorities for publication
  • To oversee the joint selection of projects;
  • To supervise the activities of the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) and the Evaluation Committee
  • To review periodically, progress made towards achieving the specific (and quantified) objectives of the programme and to analyse the results of implementation (achievement of the targets set for the different measures).

The JSC consists of:

  • representatives of national, regional and local authorities. Given its specific "local" scope, the participation of national authorities will be limited.
  • representatives of the European Commission acting as observers.
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