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Joint Technical Secretariat

Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS)

The Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) is the main administrative body of the programme. It is located on the Romanian eligible side of the border, but will also include staff from the neighbouring country. JTS Branch offices may be established on the neighbouring country eligible side of the border.

The JTS is responsible for the administrative arrangements of the Programme. It is responsible for receiving project applications, carrying out a preliminary administrative and eligibility check (e.g. examination of application as to whether they are complete and meet the eligibility criteria defined in the Call for proposal) and providing recommendations to the Joint Steering Committee, as appropriate. It also provides advice to potential project partners and deals with the day-to-day management tasks related to the programme, with due account of the roles and responsibilities of the Managing Authority on the Romanian side of the border, and of the Contracting Authority on the Ukrainian side of the border.

The tasks of the JTS can include only technical and/or administrative support and there can be no transfer of public authority tasks relating to the management of the funds.

The JTS is accountable to the Phare CBC Managing Authority and the Tacis EC Delegation for the management of the respective EU funds it uses for these purposes.

The Country Contact Point for Neighbourhood Programmes Romania - Ukraine and CADSES also has a status of the Ukrainian part of the Joint Technical Secretariat for Neighbourhood Programme Romania - Ukraine.


Joint Technical Secretariat

Regional Office for Cross Border Cooperation Suceava for the Romanian-Ukrainian border

no.8 Mihai Eminescu street
Suceava, postal code 720183
tel: +40-230-530049;
fax: +40-230-530055
e-mail: office@brctsuceava.ro


Country Contact Point for Neighbourhood Programmes Romania-Ukraine and CADSES

25 Gagarin avenue
office #452
65039 Odessa
tel: +380-48-7858018
fax: +380-48-7858019
e-mail: info@susidstvo.od.ua

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Contact Information
Country Contact Point Neighbourhood Programmes Romania-Ukraine & CADSES
tel: +380-48-7858018 tel/fax: +380-48-7858019 email: info@susidstvo.od.ua

Neighbourhood Programmes Romania-Ukraine and CADSES are funded by the European Union
Updated 11.06.2009