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Country Contact Point for Neighbourhood Programmes Romania - Ukraine and CADSES

Country Contact Point (CCP) launched its activities in April 2007, it is located in Odessa, Ukraine and provides assistance to two Neighbourhood Programmes (NP): Romania - Ukraine and CADSES. CCP is manned with two Ukrainian experts who are implementing the activities with the backstopping support from the Odessa Regional Investment Promotion Bureau.

The CCP is coordinating information, promotion and advisory activities of the Romania-Ukraine and CADSES NPs on the Ukrainian side in close co-operation with the Joint Technical Secretariats of both Programmes and ensures good information links and exchanges with the Ukrainian regional and local authorities, NGOs and other NP’s eligible stakeholders.

The Country Contact Point ensures cooperation with other relevant Tacis projects in the region, as well as information exchanges with other NPs and donors active in the eligible area.

Regular information about NPs implementation on the Ukrainian side of the border is sent to the Ukrainian National Coordinating Unit and the European Commission Delegation to Ukraine.

CCP is implementing the following activities:
  • Calls for Proposals support
    • assistance to the Delegation of the European Commission in developing the Guidelines for Calls for Proposals
    • publication of the Calls for Proposals and promoting information about it among the target group
  • Information and Awareness activities:
    • design and maintenance of the website for the NPs Romania-Ukraine and CADSES
    • organisation of information seminars for potential programme beneficiaries
    • organisation of press-conferences
    • preparation and dissemination of printed information materials
    • implementation of information campaign in media and internet
  • support to Project Development
    • providing day-to-day assistance and consultations to potential applicants on eligibility issues, partner search and technical side of application package preparation
    • organisation of training sessions for potential beneficiaries
  • proposals evaluation:
    • assistance with preparation and carrying out the meetings of Joint Evaluation and Joint Steering committees
    • coordination and communication with all the stakeholders of the evaluation process
  • projects monitoring:
    • monitoring the implementation of the projects within the NPs according to the selected proposals
    • monitoring field missions
    • evaluation of the interim and final reports
  • Programme implementation support:
    • support to organisation of the meetings of Joint Steering and Joint Coordinating Committees or other important meetings related to the Neighbourhood Programme implementation
    • collection and analysis of data about the implementation of the NPs
    • ensuring proper participation of Ukrainian representatives in the meetings related to the running NPs as well as to the European Neighbourhood Policy NPs
    • ensuring efficient communication between all the stakeholders (EC Delegation, National Coordinating Unit, JTS in Romania, potential Beneficiaries, etc.)
    • coordination of NPs activities with other Programmes and donors
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Contact Information
Country Contact Point Neighbourhood Programmes Romania-Ukraine & CADSES
tel: +380-48-7858018 tel/fax: +380-48-7858019 email: info@susidstvo.od.ua

Neighbourhood Programmes Romania-Ukraine and CADSES are funded by the European Union
Updated 11.06.2009